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11/11/2014 1897

Gemballa soon to finish production of the Mirage GT. Development on a 918 Spyder-based successor will begin

Gemballa has issued the following press release:

Just the two of us

The run on the last two GEMBALLA MIRAGE GTs has begun

The Porsche Carrera GT has always been legendary, even when it was still in production. As the GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT, this fascinating super sports car lives on, even eight years after production stopped. And its performance and exclusivity have increased. In terms of looks, the Leonberg-based company has come up with an almosttotally new car, still cutting quite a dash. The only bad news is that to conclude the series limited to 25 cars only two more will be built. “The MIRAGE GT is a real collector’s item. This is attested to by the fact that these cars have lost hardly any of their value,“ says GEMBALLA’s managing director Andreas Schwarz: “When the series is no longer being produced, the collector’s value is going to rise again. ManyArabian royals own such a car.“ And every MIRAGE GT is, to all intents and purposes, unique, only built to order. Optional is, for example, the very individualised interior, which GEMBALLA designs as specified by its customer.

But theMIRAGE GT doesn’t only make collectors’ hearts beat faster. People who like to drive sports cars also find it gratifying. The 5.7l/10 cylinder engine, for example, was uprated from 612 to 670hp and its torque from 590 to 630Nm. And the GEMBALLA reaches 100kph in only 3.7 seconds. Its top speed is 335kph. The entirely new body kit made of real carbon fibres also enhances the car’s performance. The aprons and the striking rear spoiler, for example, raise the surface pressure and keep the MIRAGE GT safely on the road, no matter what its speed. The three-part air inlet really stands out. It stretchesacross the entire front and the recessed door elements. Top workmanship, “made in Germany",and state-of-the-art digital gauging methods make for a perfect fit of all components.

The four solid tail trims of the complex exhaust system are literally solid. They resemble jet engines, while the sound, as many owners tell us, reminds them of the pre-2014 Formula 1.

And the MIRAGE GT is a real champion. While the Porsche Carrera GT felt most at home on race tracks, the GEMBALLA is also roadworthy. To better apply the pedal, the GEMBALLA engineers installed a sport-type coupling with special linings. These are perfect in the city when you stop and go and they make for a soft and gentle start.But now you have to put the pedal to the metal. After all, there is not much time left to get one of theseMIRAGE GTs.

But now the no less fascinating new MIRAGEis about to be revealed. It is also based upon a Porsche sports car flagship, the “918Spyder“with its pioneering hybrid drive. With its very aggressive silhouette and coming in another limited edition of only 25 cars, the new GEMBALLAstar may well become an even more exclusive counterpart to McLaren’s “P1“and Ferrari’s “LaFerrari“.

How much fascination the new MIRAGEproject radiates is attested to by the fact that the first orders have already come in, although its design has not even been made public yet!

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