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12/03/2013 1530

VŪHL 05 - a new track-day supercar

“Vehicles of Ultra- lightweight and High-performance” or simply VŪHL is a name of the newly launched company which is going to unveil its first model as soon as July 11th, 2013. The chosen venue for the global premiere will be the Goodwood Festival of Speed in UK – perhaps the most ideal place for the track-oriented supercar that the VUHL 05 is supposed to be.

This high-performance model was conceived by Mexican brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria and was designed by their company Etxe. The VUHL itself is a new project for which such renowned companies like Magna Steyr, Multimatic (already known for their development of Korean/Canadian de Macross supercar) and even Ford joined their efforts. It is not surprising that the 05 will be a real multinational product partly developed in UK, Canada and finally assembled in Mexico.

The VUHL 05 – the first model of this ambitious startup - is still lurking in the shadows, but the secrets surrounding this car are about to be cleared very soon. Keep yourself updated for further news!



VjHL - remember the name. It is that of a highly specialist vehicle manufacturer that’s about to sprint from the shadows. The company’s first product, the VjHL 05, is a road-legal lightweight supercar that’s been precision-engineered for the track and endowed with exhilarating performance. It will be launched at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, UK, July 11-14 and bring a breath of fresh air to the premium track-day sector.

While VjHL has been a well preserved secret (until now), its inventory of renowned suppliers and development partners reads like an international who’s who of the performance car industry, and includes: Magna Steyr, Multimatic, Ford and more. Embodying the ultimate in automotive technology from around the world, the newcomer’s handling was optimised in the UK, while its bodies will be fabricated in Canada, and the chassis production and final assembly conducted by the advanced manufacturing concern Adman Leku in Mexico City. VjHL’s European arm is headquartered in Luxembourg.

VjHL (the name is pronounced ‘vool’ and stands for ‘Vehicles of Ultra- lightweight and High-performance) is the brainchild of brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria, whose Mexican/American design agency, Etxe, penned the breath-taking 05. Their profound passion for all things automotive grew from a hands-on role in the GT and formula racing cars successfully built and campaigned over a 30-year period by their father, Guillermo Echeverria senior. The company’s blue-chip backers include private investors and the Mexican Government.

Said Iker: “We intend VjHL products to be renowned for their effective simplicity and aesthetics guided by a purity of function. The 05 and its successors will also be notable for uncompromising build quality, rigorous attention to detail and a driving experience par excellence.”

Further details of the exciting VjHL 05 will be released very soon – see for regular updates.

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