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06/04/2013 2922

FEATURED - Tushek Supercars introduces T700

It came out of nowhere. Like a lightning out of the blue sky. An outstanding machine - very rare, very exclusive, very powerful. Created by Aljoša Tušek and his small team in Slovenia this supercar is an incarnation of pure emotion, styling and massive power. All found its place in a single unit named Renovatio T500.

This handcrafted road fighter first appeared in March of 2012 just before its official world premiere at nowhere else but Top Marques Monaco. The company attracted lots of attention from potential buyers having sold first two cars, receiving two more orders and accepting enquiries from all over the world including Monaco, China, Australia, California, Dubai. Once again it has been proved that the highly competitive market for the super exclusive and highly expensive cars like Tushek Renovatio T500 is not shocked by crisis. The starting price for the model is 300.000 euro and only a very limited series of just 30 examples will be made in a period of approximately three years.

The super lightweight coupe-cabrio weighing only just 1090 kg is an extreme rework of K-1 Attack sportscar originally made in Slovakia. Actually, it is a very long step further since basically both cars share only styling elements and 30% of a subframe. The K-1 was equipped with a mid-mounted Ford 3.0-liter V6 of 238 hp and the team of Mr. Tušek converted the Attack it from sporty to extreme. The Renovatio T500 is powered by an Audi RS4 V8 engine developing wild 450 hp. That means that it can catapult from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and hit a top speed over 310 km/h. Moreover it is capable of producing 1.7g lateral g-force. Fantastic figures they are! Naturally, this car was presented as being the lightest and the fastest V8-powered car in the world. No matter what, this racing-inspired road legal machine was a real success at the Top Marques show.

Soon after the world premiere, Tushek Supercars took a chance to appear at the “Grande Parade des Pilotes” in Le Mans. This is an exclusive event and the Renovatio T500 was a part of a convoy taking the 24-hour race drivers on a tour through the city. The next notable appearance of the Tushek’s model was the Salon Privé 2012 in London where a supermodel Harriadnie Beau introduced the car for the British market.

Nothing much has been heard from Slovenia since then, but with no reason. Aljoša Tušek and his team have been working hard on their new model with is set to be introduced already this year. Named respectively T700 this will be company’s first model designed and developed from a clean sheet.

While the T500 is a very agile, the T700 will be a real weapon on the road. It will be larger model made around super light and super strong carbon fiber monocoque with an extensive use of titanium. The new car will get a 700hp V8 power aggregate, ceramic composite brakes as well as a radical suspension arrangement. In addition to that, the company aims to keep T700’s dry weight as low as 1000 kg which would result in power to weight ratio of extraordinary 1.43 kg/hp.

The new Slovenian road missile will be made in two versions. The T700 Strada will be a street version while the T700 Pista will be for the track only. The company is already taking orders for the racing version and the world premiere of Tushek’s new model is near at hand.

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