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13/06/2013 1740

Studiotorino announces Porsche Cayman S-based Moncenisio

Studiotorino has issued the following press release:


MONCENISIO is the name of the next “fuoriserie”, or offset model from Studiotorino, derived from the Porsche Cayman S.

It will have a unique and special body while maintaining the mechanical and safety system of the vehicle of origin.

The MONCENISIO will be available to clients as of November 2013. A limited production run of 20 specimens, each with its own unique identifying plate, will guarantee exclusivity. Production will be preceded by a prototype in October.

Now connoisseurs and devotees alike can obtain further information and technical details on project MONCENISIO by visiting and clicking on "The Company" and "Cars".

Pre-ordering and customizing your “fuoriserie transformation” as of today is very simple with the price of the conversion clearly defined from the outset. Find more details visiting our website on "PROJECT" then "BUY IT".

Once the order has been agreed upon, the client will supply Studiotorino, directly in Turin, with his own subcontracted registered vehicle, bought from the client’s own trusted dealership.

The new MONCENISIO will be delivered in Turin, approximately three months after the start of manufacturing.

Interested clients are welcome to contact Alfredo Stola [email protected] for an informal initial contact and to organize a mutually convenient personal meeting.

The MONCENISIO’s styling is the work of architect Daniele Gaglione, for many years a friend of the Stola family, who has generously given his name to the design work.

While following the Italian tradition of custom building, the designer wanted to continue as well as evolve the styling of previous creations by Studiotorino, the RK Spyder and RK Coupe 2005/6 with a more streamlined design interpretation.

In the process of creating the “fuoriserie” MONCENISIO, the new or modified components will be developed using traditional Italian styling methods, modelling of the body, painting and interior trimming.

During the project Studiotorino’s bespoke design specification and technical development will be supported by recognised partners and sponsors.

The name MONCENISIO is inspired by one of the most spectacular Alpine passes in Piemonte. With an altitude of 2083m the Moncenisio Pass can be found just one hour away from Turin and connects Italy with France.

It is a name that will always be linked to motor sport history. The Susa-Moncenisio race is recognised as the first hillclimb competition in the world. The first race in 1902 was won by Vincenzo Lancia in a FIAT 24hp.

The shade of blue developed for the design and the upcoming MONCENISIO prototype is inspired by the beautiful reflections admirable in the lake at the summit of the pass.

For those who appreciate tailor made bodies, three-dimensional automotive desire, owning the “fine sports car” MONCENISIO will be a unique experience.

Our fans are connoisseurs and collectors with a common interest in hand built, made to measure, limited edition sports cars, finished to their own individual taste, ad personam.

With our latest creation, MONCENISIO, Studiotorino would like to share with customers and fans the passion for rare sports cars, continuing the family tradition of over ninety years in the world of Italian Carrozzerie.

Taking the opportunity of this press release, we want to thank all our “partner sponsors” with whom we have had a special relationship for many years.

Together lead actors, each one with its own expertise, in the research of excellence.

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