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03/03/2013 1643

GENEVA 2013 - Pininfarina Sergio Concept - first official image revealed

Pininfarina has just revealed the first official rendering of the upcoming Sergio Concept which will makes it world premiere at Geneva next week. As expected, this a study of an agressive sportscar - windshied-less speedster - a true driver's car in a pure essence. 

As visible on this first image showing full stance of the model, the Sergio Concept well echoes the classic design clues penned by Life Senator - Sergio Pininfarina. Being super modern interpretation of the past it well combines in a subtile way the best of the Pininfarina's creations like Dino Berlinetta Speciale,Dino 206, Dino 206 CompetizioneFerrari Sigma Grand Prix an others.

Full information and further images of this incredible tribute to Pininfarina's leading Man will be revealed very soon.


Turin, March 3rd 2013 – Pininfarina unveils the first full image of the SERGIO, the concept car which will debut on March 5th at the Geneva Motor Show. A concept car which renews the spirit of the extraordinary achievements born under Sergio Pininfarina’s guide, projecting them towards the future in the name of exclusivity, innovation and passion.

With the SERGIO you enter the fascinating and exciting world of the two-seater barchetta as an unique and extreme object. Sportsmanship in the truest sense, joy of driving, passion of those who think at the car as an excellent source of emotions, pleasure of admiring the unique forms of a custom-designed model by Pininfarina.

For full size image click here.

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