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20/08/2013 4989

Laraki returns with a 1750hp Epitome hypercar

We do rarely witness such unexpected world premier of highly exclusive and powerful hypercar model like the Epitome concept. The new model marks the resurrection of the Moroccan brand Laraki.

It was 2002 Geneva Motor Show where Abdeslam Laraki unveiled his first prototype model – the Fulgura (the lightning in latin). Based on the mechanicals of Lamborghini Diablo, the car was intended to be a super powerful machine able to speed up to 398 km/h. A renewed design for Fulgura was brought to Geneva for the next show in 2003. The power source now was replaced with a Mercedes-Benz 6.0-liter V12 engine. One more year later, again at Geneva, Laraki demonstrated third version of the Fulgura. It was said that the car was production-ready with Mercedes-Benz V8 or V12 offered for customers.

This initial model did not enter intended production in 2008 and the project remained in a prototype stage. However, Laraki Automobiles had a second model in the line-up. Presented in 2003, the Borac was a front-engined sports coupe designed for Mercedes-Benz V12 engine. A completely redesigned version was demonstrated in Paris 2004 and then at Geneva 2005, together with the final prototype of the Fulgura. None of the models have been made in series. Abdeslam Laraki concentrated himself on designs of super luxury yachts and the automobile branch was discontinued in circa 2008.

It’s a small wonder that the world premier of Laraki’s Epitome concept was a huge surprise. The company which is now relocated to California unveiled a super sophisticated ultra high performance model on the grounds of Pebble Beach at the yearly Concours d’Elegance. A hand-sculpted Corvette C6-based automobile is made of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum. Hiding under a muscular bodywork is a 7-liter V8 engine capable of unleashing a herd of 1100 horses. Yes, this beast is more powerful than a standard Bugatti Veyron! Furthermore, claimed top figures are even more extraordinary. Laraki Motors says that the Epitome’s engine is able to develop a maximum power of inconceivable 1750 hp! This is thanks to dual fuel tank system. One tank is filled with a regular while the second one – with 110 octane fuel. Pressing a magic button enables the ECU remapping and a use of both gas tanks which makes the spectacular trick.

The company is silent about the start of production, but the estimated price tag for the Epitome is a spare $2.0 million. Laraki Motors intends to build approximately only nine units of their latest hypercar. Hopefully, we will have a chance to see a production model soon.

Photos Copyright by Laraki Motors

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