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03/03/2013 1170

GENEVA 2013 - Innovative Mobility Colibri


A new electric all-electric microcar from Germany will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in a couple of days. Entitled Colibri, this red bird will be a single-seater vehicle powered by 24kW motor which will let it fly a maximum distance of 110 km at a fine top speed of 120 km/h.  The manufacturer – Innovative Mobility from Jena - says that 6.5kWh batteries will be chargeable in 2 hours using a household outlet. This superlightweight vehicle  will be only 440kg heavy and will feature incredible dimensions like a total length of just 2.75 m, width – 1.8 m and height – 1.3 m. Imagine a standard Roll-Royce Phantom (5842 mm long) and two Colibris standing next to it and you still have more than 30 cm left! Amazing. Moreover, in order to make the Colibri fly, it will be equipped with a pair of gullwing doors. A production of this German micromobile is scheduled to start at the end of 2014.



At the International Geneva Auto Show 2013 the efficient city car from Jena, Germany, will have its premiere.

Jena, February 5th 2013 - Tight roads, scarce parking space, short-distance drives from door to door - on this playing field the battery-powered electric one-seater shows its strength best. Whether as agile city vehicle for fleet operators such as municipal administrations, car sharing- and delivery services, or as economic alternative for commuters on their way to work. The efficient lightweight offers complete everyday-usability and provides safe driving pleasure at a high standard - in every season. Hence, the premiere of the electric one-seater at the 83rd International Geneva Auto Show (March 7th till March 17th, 2013) takes place to the motto "The weather in the city". After several years of development, the Jena company Innovative Mobility Automobile GmbH presents for the first time a street-legal prototype of the Colibri which will enter series production at the end of 2014 as scheduled.

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