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22/07/2013 6815

Aeromaster LMP kitcar from Bulgaria

Kitcars can’t get boring. New models appear and fade out so quickly that one can’t even notice. This industry always brings to the daylight interesting models no matter if they are of top quality or an ugly waste of time and money. Low budget replica kits are still popular today and hundreds of large and garage-sized outfits produce good numbers of iconic Cobra or Lotus Seven kits for DYI enthusiasts.

Precisely, the fact that there are so many these copies made and running around diminished timeless glory and elegance of such spectacular models. Rarely we see a new replica kit appearing on the market and even more rare is an occurrence when someone decides to replicate a racing car model!

This is an exact case which brings new company – Aeromaster Sports Cars – into the spotlight. No this new small startup is not established in the UK, not in the USA and not even in such kitcars-loving countries like France, Germany or Spain. This company is from Bulgaria and their model is most probably the first ever kitcar built in this country.

The model being developed by Aeromaster actually is a replica of 2003 Bentley Speed 8 racing car. It is 80% accurate reproduction of this Le Mans-winning prototype. Built around a tube frame chassis with fiberglass bodywork this kitcar is powered by PRV (Peugeot-Renault-Volvo) V6 engine coupled with a Renault 5 speed manual gearbox. Standard bodykit for the LPM costs 5.800 EUR, main chassis kit – 3.000 EUR while a complete kit should be around 12.000 EUR.

This Sofia-based manufacturer has an objective to offer “finest, unique and most attractive sports car body kits”. Undoubtedly, their LMP replica kit is one step towards this goal.

SOURCE: Aeromaster

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