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14/11/2010 1679

Plymouth [2] - Slingshot

Plymouth Slingshot. Driving the Future

The 21st Century is just around the corner and Plymouth is ready!

The Plymouth Slingshot broke the rules for conventional automobiles and emerges as a pacesetter in futuristic and innovative thinking, It blends tomorrow's new and imaginative engineering features with functional versatility you expect from Plymouth.

Developed for the youth market of the future by university students and Chrysler Motor designers, this concept car reflects Plymouth's goal to build contemporary and fun-to-drive vehicles.

Working with special design computers and detailed illustrations, the special project team (average age 25 years) gave Slingshot an aircraft-style cockpit, aerodynamic styling, and a light and rigid carbon fiber chassis similar to an airplane. The result is an incredibly personal and dramatic car.

Slingshot boasts many functional and safety features. Along with an adjustable four-wheel suspension, it has flexible fenders above the wheels for the ultimate in aerodynamic styling. A modular back end and an exposed engine compartment area add to its functional appearance.

Two occupants are protected by the latest state-of-the-art safety features. They include built-in roll bar, an impact-absorbing honeycomb nose section, high door sills for side impact safety, dual tires on alloy wheels, and racing seat belts.

Driving Pleasure

Slingshot's two-occupant ultra-futuristic interior features an aircarft-sttle cockpit with pivoting canopy.

Other advanced amenities include a keyless credit card entry system and an elevating driver's seat for safety and convenience. Smooth cruising is achieved through the ease of a motorcycle-type six-speed ratcher shifter. Slingshot is truly personalized driving fun in an exciting and comfortable future package!

The Future is Driving Plymouth

The Sligshot is just another example of Plymouth's drive to understand, anticipate, and satisfy its customers... today and tomorrow.

Features/Engineering highlights:

  • Ultimate aerodynamic styling with carbon fiber chassis
  • Pivoting canopy and elevating driver's seat
  • Rear-mounted 2.2-liter engine with twin cams, 16-valves, and turbocharger
  • Motorcycle-type six-speed ratchet shifter
  • Adjustable four-wheel independent suspension
  • Front and rear dual tires mounted on alloy wheels
  • Safety features such as impact-absorbing nose, roll bar, high door sills, and racing seat belts
  • Keyless entry system

source: Chrysler. Please mention when using this text.

Engine & performance:

Position: rear, mid-engined

Type: 4-cylinder, 16-valve, DOHC, turbocharged

Capacity: 2213 cc

Power: 228 hp @ 6000 rpm

Torque: 305 Nm @ 3500 rpm


Length: 3780 mm

Width: 1730 mm

Height: 1210 mm

Wheelbase: 2615 mm


1988  Chicago
1988  Los Angeles



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