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08/07/2010 820

Oldsmobile - Starfire Convertible

Under Harley Earl’s design teams leadership, Oldsmobile unveiled the Starfire dream car at the 1953 GM Motorama. It was Oldsmobiles first GM Motorama concept car and was named after the Lockheed F-94B Starfire fighter plane.

Many Starfire features, most noticeably the large oval grille, found their way into the production 1956 models. It featured a wraparound windshield with a fiberglass body, one of the early attempts using this postwar “wonder” material.

A special built Rocket V8 with over 200-horsepower powered the Starfire. The Starfire was finished in a turquoise finish with a turquoise and white leather interior.

The Starfire was never intended for production. Its real purpose was to gauge public reaction to the new styling planned for 1954.



1953  Motorama


Harley Earl
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