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Mercury [6] - MC2


The Mercury MC2, an all-new four-passenger concept car, brings a new level of precision, comfort and innovation to the sports coupe market.

"Mercury MC2's dynamic exterior continues the evolution of Ford's New Edge design philosophy," said Tom Scott, director, Advanced Design. "The smooth, sculpted surfaces and clean, crisp intersections give Mercury MC2 a precise silhouette that is ideally suited to the performance image of a sports coupe.

"The sheer surfaces and defined curves give the overall impression of strength and purpose," Scott said. "The exterior lines are emphasized by the satin-finish titanium paint and polished nickel-chrome trim details."

Five louvered glass panels are fixed to the windshield and the rear window to form what appears to be a one-piece roof. The glass panels pivot upward to let the fresh air in, adding to MC2's open, free-spirited feel.

Unique 18-inch six-spoke alloy wheels fitted with low-profile 255x35x18 tires give Mercury MC2 a sporty stance.

Lighting the road ahead are distinctive halogen headlamps and large auxiliary fog lamps, which provide better night visibility. Mercury MC2 also features stylish neon tube taillamps that are brighter than traditional taillamps and easier for following drivers to see.

Flush, triangular door handles contribute to the car's aerodynamics as well as its sleek profile. A customer "surprise and delight" feature: the doors open when the handles are pressed rather than pulled.

Ford's New Edge design theme is carried through the interior with contrasting colors and a combination of soft and metallic materials to enhance the car's look and feel.

"Comfort blended with a precise, technical quality is the main theme of MC's well-packaged interior," Scott said.

The two front bucket seats are wrapped in light-blue leather and accented with a darker shade of blue leather. The instrument panel, dashboard and doors are covered in a light blue-gray cloth that is soft to the touch and accented with polished nickel trim.

The gear shift knob is crafted from aluminum and finished in polished nickel and is mounted on a leather-wrapped center console.

The combination of precision-crafted metals and rich fabrics gives the interior a luxurious as well as a solid, well-engineered appearance. For added safety and improved access to the rear seats, the front seats feature integrated, three-point seat belts.

The climate controls are positioned on a unique rail that is part of the hood that sweeps over the instrument cluster. The climate control knobs are reminiscent of rotary telephone dials and are easy to grip. Round, electroluminescent analog gauges display speed, engine RPM and fuel levels, relaying the exact information in an easy-to-read format.

An innovative, swiveling panel contains the controls for the entertainment system. When the panel is moved from its rest position, it is readily accessible by both the driver and the passenger.

Along with the Mercury MC4, a four-door sports coupe concept first shown at the 1997 North American International Auto Show, the Mercury MC2 demonstrates the new direction of the Mercury Brand.

The new concept coupe was designed using computer-aided design technology at the Ford Small and Medium Car Vehicle Center in Germany as part of a global development project involving American and European designers.

With more computer processing power than any other automotive manufacturer, Ford Motor Company is increasing its use of its global "electronic umbrella" to virtually co-locate designers on different continents.

The design team used some of the world’s most advanced two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer design technology to create the Mercury MC2.

source: Ford Motor Company


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