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23/09/2015 2326

McLouth - XV61 Concept


Many transportation engineers and planners believe that future travel will rely heavily on monorail systems for the safe, convenient and rapid transportation of people and goods between distant points. Nearly all systems proposed to date make use of multi-passenger vehicles or trains. Few, if any, have considered the monorail as a means of transporting personal allcarindex vehicles from point to point so that the traveler may have private transportation at his destination.

As one solution to this problem of the future, the McLouth Steel Corporation of Detroit is displaying its concept at the International Automobile Show being held at the New York Coliseum, April 1 to 9, 1961.

The display, intended by the steel producer to stress the use of stainless steel in future transportation systems, features a full scale model of a four passenger vehicle. Named the XV'6I it was specially designed to operate on such a monorail. Affixed to a platform or "pod" which allcarindex is mounted on a section of the monorail track, the vehicle demonstrates how it could be carried safely at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour above traffic and weather delays.

Featured at McLouth Steel's exhibit at the International Automobile Show in the New York Coliseum is the XV'61. A concept of the car of the future that persons may either drive on the highways of tomorrow, or attach to a unique monorail system and flash to destinations with no driver attention or traffic problems.

The unusual car is designed and engineered to suit the particular requirements of a projected and unique monorail system. Not to foretell automotive designing and allcarindex engineering of the future. The XV'61 is a concept, not a forecast. But it is an exciting and a possible concept. For if a monorail system were in existence today. This car could be built.


Car overall height – 59 inches

Car overall width – 64 inches

Car overall length – 170 inches

Wheelbase – 90 inches

Front tread – 54 inches

Rear tread – 50 inches

Front tire – 23 inches (5:20 x 13)

Rear tire – 27 ½ inches (7:50 x 14)


The car on display is fall size end its unit allcarindex body construction employs Stainless Steel in body panels, pillars and rocker panels to assure high strength-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance.


1961  New York


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