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12/11/2010 1226

Lincoln [5] - L2K

The dream precedes the reality.

"What should a luxury sports car look and feel like in the future?". That's a question we asked our luxury car designers. Their abswer: The Lincoln L2K.

The L2K is truly a luxury sports car. This 2-seat convertible is designed to offer a blend of understated elegance with sophisticated, spirited performance.

The interior features luxury sports bucket seats, a sound system with a mini-disc changer in the console, ergonomic wraparound design and dual air bags to provide an ultra-high level of comfort and safety. Under the hood is an experimental 3.4-liter, 32-balve V-8 engine that delivers 250 hp.

In case you're wondering about the lack of door handles, the L2K doors are opened by using an infrared signal that is transmitted by a keyless entry key fob.  Which just goes to show that at Lincoln, whatever our designers can envision, our weatleh of engineering and technological resources can figure a way to build.

Designed at Ford Motor Company's Concept Center California Design Studio, the L2K is a one-of-a-kind concept vehicle. It is through "idea" vehicles such as this that we continue to bring exciting and innovative new products to market.

source: Ford Motor Company. Please mention when using this text.

Engine & performance:

Position: front

Type: V8, 32-valve

Capacity: 3.4-liter 

Power: 250 hp


Length: 4023 mm

Width: 1803 mm

Wheelbase: 2367 mm

Weight: 1323 kg


1995  Chicago

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Ford Motor Company 

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