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05/12/2011 1031

Lincoln [5] - Blackwood Concept

Lincoln Blackwood: Utility With Ultimate Style

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5 -- Luxury taken to another level -- that's the essence of the new Lincoln Blackwood concept vehicle.  It is described as the ultimate utility vehicle, with all the comfort of a luxury sedan and the convenience and versatility of a sport utility vehicle.

The four-door, four-passenger luxury utility concept is an extension of the extremely successful Lincoln Navigator -- with one important difference:

an enclosed 4-foot, 8-inch box that serves as a trunk.

"The popularity of the Lincoln Navigator and the continued evolution of utility vehicles led to the development of this luxury utility concept," says J Mays, Ford vice president of Design.  "Lincoln is a distinctly American luxury brand, and Blackwood is an example of the wide range of possibilities left to be explored."

Blackwood's exterior design remains true to the luxury image of the Lincoln marque, while resurrecting the possibilities of a "woody."  The exterior trunk area is covered with more than 20 square feet of Wenge wood -- a dark, dense, striated wood from central Africa.  The wood is sealed with a clear epoxy to protect it from the elements and highlight the natural beauty of the grain.

A brushed aluminum strip defines each band of wood, adding to the overall luxury look.  The use of the wood is designed as a modern twist on the "woody," which traditionally used different-colored wood strips between larger wood bands.

The hard top of the closed box in the rear -- which is operated by the key fob -- opens hydraulically to a 45-degree angle.  Once the cover is lifted, the rear double door gate can be opened to the sides -- giving complete access to the well-lit, aluminum finished interior of the trunk.  Two compartments in the trunk area serve as additional storage space for smaller objects.

Exterior panels not covered in Wenge wood are finished in clearcoat, high-gloss, black paint.

The name Blackwood stretches across the rear of the vehicle in chrome letters and is derived from the use of the rich dark-colored wood and black lacquer finished sheet metal.

Blackwood's interior is based on the Lincoln Navigator's, with the addition of Wenge wood accents on the steering wheel and instrument panel.  A global positioning system is integrated into the floor-mounted center console.

The four bucket seats are trimmed in black Connolly leather.

Blackwood is built on a 4x2 chassis that's lowered 3 inches, giving the utility vehicle a more stately stance.  The 19-inch, solid cast, polished aluminum wheels are fitted with P286R60-19 tires.

The vehicle is powered by a 5.4-liter DOHC V-8 and fits into the Class III trailer tow group -- allowing enough towing capability for a boat or horse trailer.

The four-door configuration of the passenger area, coupled with the extended trunk area in the rear, give the Lincoln Blackwood the look and feel of a touring coach from the 1930s.  Its sophistication is relaxed and confident, while having the versatility and capability to carry four sets of golf clubs for a day on the course.

"Blackwood is a vehicle that is as much at home hauling horses to an equestrian event in Texas as it is carrying a party of four to a Broadway play," says Mays.

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