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08/05/2014 699

Jeep - Compass


Sleek and sophisticated with a rally car toughness, the Jeep® Compass concept would deliver Jeep fun, freedom and capability, broadening the global appeal of Jeep and attracting new buyers who might not have previously considered the brand.

'The Jeep Compass concept is an all-new kind of Jeep,' Creed said. 'Compact and nimble, the Jeep Compass concept is the right size for world markets and would offer performance, fuel economy and value in the highly competitive compact SUV segment.'

True to Jeep's signature design cues, the Jeep Compass concept features the brand's signature seven-slot grille, round headlamps, large and capable fog lights and trapezoidal wheel openings.

A steeply raked windshield, an expressive hood, low-to-the ground stance, deep fascia, wire mesh grille texture and prominent lower intake give the Jeep Compass concept a powerful and capable appearance.

The Jeep Compass concept's side profile is highly sculptured. Powerful fender forms exaggerate the Jeep Compass concept's athletic stance, performance 19-inch wheels and red-line tires.

From the rear, a roof-mounted spoiler completes the Jeep Compass performance message. The deep fascia is uniquely styled to accommodate a large chrome dual exhaust system, which also reinforces an aggressive, performance-oriented character.

source: Jeep

Engine & performance:

Type: V6

Capacity: 3.7-liter 

Drive: 4WD


Length: 4150 mm

Width: 1834 mm

Height: 1636 mm

Wheelbase: 2649 mm



2002  Detroit



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