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08/07/2010 990

Hummer [2] - H2H

General Motors has delivered a hydrogen powered HUMMER to the California Governor's office. The H2H is a HUMMER H2 that was re-engineered to operate on gaseous hydrogen fuel. Its main tailpipe emission is water vapor.

The H2H uses a supercharged version of the truck's original Vortec 6000 (6.0-liter V-8) internal combustion engine. Don't look for a similar version to show up in your area, because it's not a production vehicle.

HUMMER hopes to use the H2H to bring attention to hydrogen's potential, and the public and private partnerships that will be required to create a hydrogen economy.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told the press:

"The H2H is a bold experiment that along with the Hydrogen Highway Network will help California demonstrate the economic and technical viability of hydrogen. Californians invent the future and the H2H shows that a vehicle of today can run on the fuel of tomorrow."

And Elizabeth Lowery, GM Vice President, Environment & Energy, added:

"The H2H was created for two purposes. It brings focus and attention to the journey to a hydrogen economy, and it will provide GM with key learnings on hydrogen storage, hydrogen delivery systems, and hydrogen refueling infrastructure development."

The H2H was created by a team of GM engineers from the U.S., Canada and Germany, in collaboration with Quantum Technologies, one of GM's fuel cell technology alliance partners.

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