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09/09/2012 1031

Ford - Fiesta Bebop

Fiesta versatility was the theme in 1990 which created the Fiesta Bebop.

This jazzy Fiesta-based concept was a dynamic pickup design geared to sports-minded drivers.

It presented a cheeky new face, roll-over hoop behind the passenger cabin, front and side-wall spoilers and RS air slits in the hood, all wrapped in a customised paint scheme that transformed from yellow at the front to white at the rear with the use of blocks of colour at the transition point.  White wheels provided another distinctive design feature that lent a sporting air to this vehicle.


Engine & performance:

Position: front

Type: Ford Fiesta, 4-cylinder, diesel

Capacity: 1753 cc

Power: 60 hp @ 4800 rpm

Torque: 110 Nm @ 2500 rpm


Length: 3740 mm

Width: 1610 mm

Height: 1325 mm

Wheelbase: 2445 mm


1989  Frankfurt



Design studios

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