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Ford - Bronco DM-1

Ford's Bronco DM-1 is a multipurpose concept, vehicle designed for driving enthusiasts in the 1990's.

The fivee-passenger vehicle has an aerodynamic body with a low coefficient of drag and offers excellent vision from all angles. The Bronco DM-1's fiberglass and steel-reinforced body has a special roll bar integrated between its inner and outer skins.

The vehicle's functional, high-volume interior easily seats five adults and incorporates a variety of advanced design concepts, including a special electronic navigational system that maps the vehicle's location via satellite.

The Bronco DM-1 has electronic instrumentation done in an analog design to provide the driver the reliability of electronic technology with the easy-to-read features of analog gauges, a secondary "quick-road" digital display at high eye level below the base of the windshield indicates speed, engine RPM and the time. Primary hand controls for items such as the windshield wipers, rear defroster and lighting are located within fingertip reach on the outer perimeter of the analog instrument cluster.

Ford's latest concept vehicle has six-way adjustable seats for the driver and front passenger and a fold-down seat in the rear to provide additional cargo carrying capacity when not in use.

The rear hatch wraps into the roof line to provide a larger opening for the loading and unloading of cargo.

The Bronco DM-l's interior is done in light- and dark-gray leather to coordinate with its exterior appearance.

The Bronco DM-1 was named for its designer Derek Millsap a former student at the Pasadena Art Center who now works at Ford Motor Company's Design Center in Dearborn, Michigan — and his instructor at the Pasadena Art Center, Richard Hutting. Derek and nine other advanced transportation students were originally involved in a program sponsored by Ford Motor Company in which they designed and built clay models depicting their ideas for trucks of the 1990's.    Ford executives were so impressed with Millsap's effort that they decided to have a full-scale version built by Concept Center California in Valencia, Ca. — a design firm that consults with Ford on the trend-setting Southern California market.

Richard Hutting, owner of Concept Center California, directed the nine-month project to build a full-scale version of the Bronco DM-1 with Millsap at the Concept Center beginning late in the fall of 1986.

"Although we've worked with Ford Motor Company on a variety of important projects, this is the first one that has been taken from an idea to a driveable prototype," Mr. Hutting said. "We're very excited about the Bronco DM-1 and hope to see Ford actually produce a vehicle with similar design features somw time in the future."

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Engine & performance:

Type: Ford Bronco

Drive: 4WD


Length: 4240 mm

Width: 1855 mm

Height: 1740 mm

Wheelbase: 2540 mm


1988  Los Angeles

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