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27/07/2010 1203

Fisher Body - Theme Car

The 1983 Fisher Body Greenbriar Theme Car was a new restyled front wheel drive "J-27" coupe. The car represented a theme from near future aerodynamic styling to a spacious interior environment. It offered new ideas for customer comfort and convenience, innovations in design, and suggestions for future trends. Electronic features and hardware components complemented the many functional operations performed by the customer, styling modifications made with design staff participation gave the car a custom look dissociated from any particular division.

This car was started in the middle of 1982 to research and develop the hardtop flush glass and the all-glass greenhouse concepts, later adding extensive styling modifications and electronic and interior innovations.

Delco Electronics, Santa Barbara supplied the body computer, with keyless entry control, the infrared key. The instrumentation package included CRT and indicators, stereo visual display, and an anti-theft system.

Delco Electronics, Kokomo supplied the sound system with electrostatic speakers and the security relay system.





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