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02/12/2015 3504

Doval - Shadow

A contemporary original Doval brochure had the following decription of the Shadow model:

The Doval Shadow is the ultimate in classic design and has the highest standard in finishing quality! The superb V-8 power plant is placed over 30 inches back in a highly strengthened and modified Doval chassis, which creates a 50/50 weight balance. This provides the Shadow with its magnificent road holding and handling characteristic.

Luxury comforts like automatic transmission, air conditioning, 4-speaker stereo system and power-assisted steering and brakes are all standard on the Shadow. Surround it all with an ageless classic style, hand-beaten aluminum boat-tail body, your choice of 4 different colors and pin-striping in 24-karat gold leaf.

From the massive chrome radiator, preceded by two glistening classic-style headlamps and the long rakish hood and fenders that sweep down into polished stainless steel exhaust pipes, through the silent leather-scented luxury of the interior, the Shadow shows that it is, even today, possible to attain automotive perfection.

For the discriminating owner, a Doval Shadow provides quiet, sophisticated travel complete with style, elegance and prestige. As well as being an appreciating asset, the Doval Shadow is the last word in exclusivity, a classic of classics.

Quality Craftsmanship

The 16-gauge aluminum body and fenders are hand beaten by Old World metal craftsmen. Painted with 34 coats of lacquer, hand sanded between coats to obtain a flawless finish.

The interior is lavishly adorned with burled English walnut, connally leather and wool carpets. Protected from the elements by a hand-sewn mohair top. Each Shadow carries the individual owner’s nameplate.

The Doval Shadow is hand built by our craftsmen the way cars should and used to be built, up to an ideal rather than down to a price. These magnificent classics are in limited production. Only one in a million can own a Doval Shadow!

Safety Engineered

Safety was the most important factor in the design of the Shadow, cost was no factor. For this reason the stock Doval chassis is reinforced with two 2-inch by 4-inch steel tubes with 1/4-inch wall thickness. Couple this with our heat-treated spring steel bumpers, D.O.T.-approved bumper shock-absorbing system, and you have one of the safest chassis made today. The V-8 engine has been moved back over 30 inches to give the Shadow a perfect 50/50 weight balance. This results in superb road holding and handling with absolutely no sway.

The doors are reinforced with steel beams. The 18-gauge steel firewall and floor are bold welded and covered with heat-resistant material.

The Doval Shadow was engineered with your safety in mind.

Engine & performance:

Position: front
Type: GM V8 / Ford V8
Capacity: 4998 cc / 4949 cc
Top speed:
0-100 km/h:


Length: 5029 mm
Width: 1955 mm
Height: 1270 mm
Wheelbase: 2997 mm
Weight: 1597 kg / 1624 kg

The Doval Shadow was intended for a limited production of just 250 examples. However, it is hard to determine how many units have been made.

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