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18/01/2011 1630

Dodge [1] - LRT

Maybe it was inevitable. In the age of transformable toys, multipurpose machines and free-spirited thinking Dodge introduces a brawny looking, stump-pulling, four-wheel-drive, V-8 pickup that keeps its best thinking undercover.

One thing you can't hide are those high-performance 17-inch Viper wheels. They're your first clue that something big's going under the hood. That "something" is LRT's awesome 5.2-liter multipoint fuel-injected V-8, a 200 plus horsepower brute that could well appear in the future production Dakotas.

Any truck that looks like this deserves to move like this one does. But LRT's other talents are some-what less obvious. Like that steel hard-top covering the cab. It's really a unique convertible top constructed of individual metal panels that retract electrically behind LRT's bucket seats.

Unique aerostyle road lamps rise above the rear of the cab to throw more than a little light on your favorite after-hours activities (as long as they involve some on or off-road four-wheeling).

When thing get really dark, LRT's headlights go into action. From behind each smoked lens, four high-intensity mini-lamps illuminate the road ahead. While for the load behind, there's a trick vinyl-webbed tailgate that retracts into the floor just ahead of the unusual "taillamped" rear bumper. Dodge LRT, a lot of hidden talents, but with this sport truck there's no need to hide, just run... flat out.

source: Chrysler. Please mention when using this text.

Engine & performance:

Position: front

Type: V8

Capacity: 5210 cc 

Drive: 4WD


Length: 5110 mm

Width: 2190 mm

Height: 1660 mm

Wheelbase: 2890 mm


1990  Detroit



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