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18/01/2011 1317

Dodge [1] - Daytona R/T

Daytona. What else would you call the cat that's helped put Dodge's performance reputation on the line ine the eighties? But where's Dodge going in the nineties?

Meet Dodge Daytona R/T. This aerodynamical sticker, more technically sophisticated 2+2 sport coupe concept offers more than a hint of Daytona's future design direction.

Daytona R/T's low, aggressive stance isn't merely for show. It's the first telltale sign of the high-performance engineering that's packed inside. All four of those massive Goodyear experimental P275/40VR17 tires mounted on 17" x 0.6" alloy wheels put power to the pavement, courtesy of all-wheel drive.

That power comes from Chrysler's 174 horsepower, multipoint fuel-injected, single overhead cam, 2.2-liter engine with variable nozzle turbocharger (VNT). Wrapped around this leading edge muscle is a taut skin highlighted by an integrated whale tail, flush glass, a glass roof and aggressive ground effects.

Clear the road, Clear the track. The nineties are here now and the Dodge Daytona of the nineties is just around the corner. Better break out those driving gloves!

Engine & performance:

Type: Dodge Daytona ES Turbo, SOHC, 4-cylinder

Capacity: 2213 cc

Power: 174 hp @ 5200 rpm

Torque: 285 Nm @ 2400 rpm

Drive: 4WD


Length: 4597 mm

Width: 1937 mm

Height: 1270 mm

Wheelbase: 2464 mm


1990  Detroit



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