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24/09/2010 1053

Dodge [1] - Daroo II

Customized Dodge Dart -- The "Daroo II" -- Debuts At Auto Shows

DETROIT -- A futuristically designed and specially equipped show car, Dodge's sleek close coupled competition roadster, known as "Daroo II," will be showcased on the major auto and custom car show circuits this winter.

The 42-inch-high, topless-bodied two-seater, customized from a Dart GT Sport hardtop, was created from design suggestions by Ron Perau's Imperial Kustoms, of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The power plant for the low silhouette entry is a 340-cubic-inch, 275-h.p. V-8 engine with single four-barrel carburetion, and dual exhausts.

Although a show car, it is operable.

Daroo II's unusual basic color, "Frosted Fire," is a combination of Artic orange and pearlescent gold fleck. It has high gloss and reflective qualities that command quick attention to the car's overall sportiness.

According to Bill Brownlie, Dodge's chief stylist, the car's performance-oriented styling typifies the division's increasingly youthful image.

"The Daroo II's lines and general make-up characterize Dodge's broadened appeal as a brand which offers instant eye appeal with the dependability that is our trademark," he said.

Dimensionally reproportioned, a lengthened hood and a shortened rear deck keep it within the production Dart's 196-inch overall length. Rear springs also were relocated. The 69.7-inch width remains unchanged but its height is dropped approximately from 52.8 inches to 42.

A 15-inch wide streamlined airfoil-type molded roll bar tapers the length of the rear fenders and merges into a functional air spoiler that is sculptured into the rear of the body.

The body shell ends abruptly and angles inward dramatically for added aerodynamic effect and appearance. The division's familiar Scat Pack Bumble Bee racing stripe is located on the back emphasizing the reproportioning of chopped rear and extended sporty front overhang.

A sculptured raised 8-inch panel runs the full length of the rear deck from the cockpit to the spoiler. It appears to be an accentuating extension of the driving compartment's separating console. The tail light lens is full width. A textured trim panel similar to the grille is used over the tail light lens for design continuity.

Up front, two sculptured two-inch polished aluminum channels separated by 25 inches of hood metal simulate the rear deck theme. They run the length of the hood from the smoke-tinted windshield to the front bumper. They separate the headlight and grille cavities. The swept-wing chrome bumper is inserted in the body.

The forward thrusting front fender ends lend an added feeling of motion.

Specially devised 7x14 Cragar steel and magnesium wheels hold Goodyear "Indy-type" racing tires (5.75-9.50-14's).

Rectangular headlight housings are six inches x 14. Shadowbox lamp cavities are ringed in aluminum brightwork. Honeycombed aluminum grille covers conceal the single rectangular lamps.

A similar honeycomb grille of 1/2-inch squares in a 6-inch x 23 framework of extruded aluminum separates the headlamps.

The Daroo II's interior of serviceable tufted vinyl and deep foam rubber upholstery, with striking silver trim, is color-keyed to the glowing exterior. The driver compartment contains two highly body-contoured individual seats with floating head and foot rests, and seat belts.

Carpeting is "tangerine tone" nylon plush, and extends throughout the cowling area.

The console divider is covered in black vinyl and trimmed with brushed aluminum.

Gear selector for the automatic transmission is located on the steering column. The steering wheel is walnut. The padded dash panel and instrument cluster are standard.

Dodge Daroo II Specifications

Wheelbase: 111"

Overall Length: 196"

Overall Width: 69.7"

Overall Height: 42"

Turning Circle: 45'

Powerplant: 340 cu. in. V-8

Horsepower: 275 @ 5000 rpm

Torque: 340 @ 3200 rpm

Passenger Capacity: Two

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