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18/01/2011 785

Dodge [1] - Dakota Sport V-8 Concept

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich, -- Based on the popular Dodge Dakota mid-size pickup, the Dakota Sport V-8 Concept vehicle represents a more integrated appearance in sport truck packages. Unlike traditional add-on aftermarket parts, the Dakota concept design in such stylistic touches as a custom brush guard, an aero light bride and a "Baja" tailgate.

It features an extended Dakota front end to accomodate a powerful V-8 truck engine.

The vehicle also utilizes the extended cab concept to the fullest and permits rear seat passengers to experience a unique 1990's version of the once popular rumble seat.

This reverse "rumble seat" effect is accomplished by utilizing a drop cab back light, which in its stationary position appears to be traditional glass top, metal bottom rear panel of a pickup truck. In reality, the glass slides down into the metal lower half on demand, which then retracts itself into the truck bed floor. The rear seats may then be folded to a reverse position, affording passengers and unobstructed view of the road already traveled.

Basic vehicle dimensions are:

Overall Length: 211.1 inches

Overall Width: 68.3 inches

Overall Height: 65.0 inches

Wheelbase: 130.9 inches

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