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26/11/2011 1141

Chevrolet - K5 Concept

Chevrolet K5: A Powerful, Wide-Open Link From A Storied Past To Trucks Of The Future

DETROIT — In 1969, Chevrolet broke new ground in the car and truck industry by introducing the Blazer, a four-wheel-drive powerhouse with a detachable solid top. The name K5 was attached to the full-size Chevy Blazer from then until 1995 when it was replaced with the all-new Tahoe.

Debuting at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Chevy Trucks revive the K5 moniker for a special new show truck. The new K5 provides a sneak peek at future opportunities for the two-door Chevy Tahoe. With its fresh look, open-air rear cargo bed with removable carbon-fiber top and 180-degree rearward opening rear doors, the K5 offers all of the versatility of a four-door Tahoe with the sporty appearance of a two-door.

“Most manufacturers have abandoned the two-door market, but with its unique, versatile rear doors, K5 brings a new vision to exploring future applications of a two-door Tahoe,” said Steve Ramsey, Tahoe brand manager. “It clearly would appeal to a younger, on-the-go audience—real ‘doers’ that appreciate that versatility and desire four-door utility in a two-door appearance.”

The doors are what separate K5 from the pack. K5 began life as a stock two-door Tahoe. In addition to the heavy modifications to the cargo bed and rear roof, the B-pillars were removed and two rear doors added. The doors are modified versions of those found on Chevy’s four-door C/K pickups. As appearing on K5, the rear doors are about eight inches narrower than on the pickup trucks, and have been cut to fit K5’s shape and cutlines. The doors are attached using special, reinforced two-stage hinges that allow for 180-degree movement, making access to the cab much easier.

“It really makes a big difference to have the 180-degree hinge,” said Gary Mulder, assistant brand manager-product. “These heavy-duty 180-degree hinges create a huge, nearly five-feet-wide opening for better interior access. They really help you to easily load your gear into the back.”

The modified rear features a liftgate to provide access to the rear cargo area that’s six feet long with the 60/40 split-fold rear bench seat down, more than three feet long with the seat in its upright position. Beneath the liftgate lurk the gleaming ends of an aggressive dual exhaust system. The front also features a modified lower fascia, with lowered foglamps, exposed tow hooks and a new nickel-colored grille. Larger, body-color fender flares, aggressive lower body cladding and 18-inch, five-spoke/six-bolt Budnik wheels with exposed lugs and a milled Chevy Bow Tie in the center complement the K5’s fresh appearance.

The K5 interior is finished in medium gray and trimmed with graphite leather and carbon fiber trim accents. The glowing instrument panel features a sporty cluster layout similar to the layout found in the Chevy Avalanche. While the outside mirrors house turn signal indicators, the interior mirror is home to the three-button interface for GM’s vaunted advanced communications system-OnStarâ featuring Virtual Advisor and Personal Calling.

Underneath the hood of the all-wheel-drive K5 is a modified version of the Vortec 6000 V8 truck engine, making 440 horsepower at 5700 rpm and 450 lb-ft of torque at 4700 rpm and mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. The engine uses larger heads and better breathing, among other tweaks, to accomplish the power boost. Its compression ratio is increased to 10.5:1.

“With its all-wheel drive and shorter dimensions, K5 would offer those on the go a more maneuverable package, enabling them to reach more remote locations,” said Dan Ahearn, assistant brand manager-marketing. “It offers us a unique opportunity to evaluate future two-door Tahoe applications and marketing possibilities in an auto show setting and elsewhere. We’re excited to get it on the show floor and get some feedback.”


Configuration: Four-door, five-passenger SUV, all-wheel-drive, front-engine

Doors: Four—two traditional front, and two 180-degree, rearward-opening rear doors

Wheelbase: 112 inches

Width: 78.9 inches

Track: 69 inches

Wheels: Budnik 18-inch alloy, five-spoke, six-bolt with exposed lugs

Tires: BFGoodrich T/A LT285/60R18

6.0-liter V8 engine modifications

  • CP Forged pistons—4.0-inch bore flat top
  • Crower connecting rods—6.125 inches long
  • Lunati Hyd roller cam with factory followers
  • LS1 CNC ported heads with enlarged chambers for 4.00-inch bore
  • Compression ratio: 10.5
  • 2.02-inch intake valve
  • 1.57-inch exhaust valve
  • Titanium retainers with Competition Cam’s “Pacaloy” springs
  • .532 Intake lift with 209-degree at .050
  • .558 Exhaust lift with 216-degree at .050
  • 112-degree intake centerline 116 lobe separation
  • Corvette windage tray
  • Modified oil pump for enhanced flow and increased pressure


SOURCE: Chevrolet


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