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17/09/2010 1588

Chevrolet - Corvette XP-700

First shown in 1959, the Chevrolet XP-700 was revised in 1960 with a longer and smaller grille, extended tail and double bubble plastic roof, complete with a periscope rear-view mirror. The transparent canopy was like a one-way mirror, passengers could see out, but outsiders would see their own reflections. Originally painted red, the version that appeared during the 1961 Chicago Auto Show was finished in pearlescent silver, which matched the silver cockpit. The exposed side pipes were retained from the 1959 version, as was the rear wraparound bodylines that predicted the design used on the 1961-1962 production Corvette.


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Engine & performance:

Type: V8

Capacity: 4637 cc 

Power: 230 hp @ 4800 rpm

Torque: 406 Nm @ 3000 rpm


Top speed:

0-100 km/h:


Length: 4826 mm

Width: 1849 mm

Height: 1295 mm

Wheelbase: 2590 mm

Weight: 1587 kg


1960  Chicago


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