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17/01/2011 1420

Chevrolet - Astro II (XP-880)

The Astro II, revealed at the 1968 New York Auto Show was less extreme in its styling than Astro I. Astro II was designed primarily to showcase its rear-mounted powertrain application. Unlike the Astro I, Astro II had doors to access the passenger compartment. The rear compartment hatch still lifted up - this time, to provide access to the engine compartment. The front compartment was designed as a storage area.

Engine & performance:

Type: V8

Capacity: 6997 cc (427

Power: 390 hp @ 5400 rpm


Length: 4600 mm

Width: 1880 mm

Height: 1100 mm

Wheelbase: 2540 mm

Weight: 1469 kg


1968  New York
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