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20/02/2011 1065

Cadillac - Eldorodo

Cadillac has created a modern hot rod with retro looks - the Eldorodo, derived from the successful Eldorado Touring Coupe range. This is probably just a styling exercise for the Cadillac design team to show off at the Detroit Motor Show.

The designers took the Eldorado - the best-selling luxury coupe in the US - and lowered the body by four inches, raking the windscreen and rear window angles by 10 degrees to meet the new lowered roofline, and reducing the size of the side and quarter window openings. Full length bumper skirts cover the rear tyres, and the wheels, tail lights, headlights and indicators all have a retro feel. The 300 bhp Northstar engine used in the standard Eldorado is fitted.

Cadillac Eldorodo was built by California Street Rods of Huntington Beach.


2001  Detroit


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