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10/03/2017 1825

CDA - Exemplar I

Official CDA's information:

Welcome to the new era of Exemplar I...

an evolution in automotive styling and engineering...created to anticipate the trends of the extrapolation of modern concepts...a projection in design of today's most sophisticated and creative thinking.

Bold ideas and exciting new concepts are evidenced in the interesting and stimulating design of Exemplar the distinctive exterior treatment with its delta configuration...long, sloping hood and expansive glass areas. Equally fresh design and engineering ideas are seen in the the unique opening roof, electrical-defrosting rear window and in the color and warmth of the lavish copper interior trim. While many of these new concepts of Exemplar I are readily apparent, some of the innovations of this fully operational, roadable vehicle are incorporated in structural and mechanical components[...].

Designed by Mario Revelli, one of the world's leading automotive designers and built by Coggiola Carrozziere as a prototype in Turin, Italy, Exemplar I was commissioned by the Bridgeport Brass Company Division of National Distillers and Chemical Corporation. The purpose is to present engineering  innovations for greater safety, comfort and performance, and to demonstrate new decorative applications of copper and bronze. It is presented to the automotive industry in cooperation with the Copper Development Association's continuing program of technical service on copper and copper alloys.

Exemplar I show how modern principles of design and engineering - handled with originality and imagination - can create exciting innovations in comfort, styling and safety and safety to become tomorrow's automotive realities.


Length: 5494 mm

Width: 1321 mm

Height: 1356 mm





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