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01/06/2018 1080

Bunker Bradley - LA Commuter

The 1992-LA Commuter was initiated and designed by Bunker Hill Bradley while employed by GM Advanced Concept Center of California.

It is intended to be a CNG hybrid engine commuter for densely populated areas with sports car performance and seating for 3-4. The half gull-wing door system is unique;  the aerodynamic body has a low CD and the interior features are numerous.  The concept was the first CNC machined foam model produced on the West Coast and was a full running show car with a complete foam interior. The body was produced without any molds and finished with surf board technologies, yielding a low cost method of producing running show cars. When complete, it went to GM Detroit for evaluation as a potential production car project for Chevy GEO in 1993. No further accounts are know.



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