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08/07/2010 712

Buick - WildCat II

The 1954 Buick Wildcat II concept car had a front fender that flared straight out from the body, exposing the entire front wheel well and part of the front-end suspension (which was chrome plated). This Wildcat concept car featured Buick's traditional portholes, but these were larger and placed on the top of the fender instead of the sides.


While sharing little in common with its predecessor, the Wildcat I, the Buick Wildcat II was recognized as the sportiest Buick build in the 1950s. Chief Designer Ned Nichols described the wildcat II as an 'American adventure in tomorrow's design'. Enamored by two-seater fiberglass cars, Ned Nichols and Harley Earl originally created the 1954 Buick Wildcat II with two spotlights. Re-interpreting tradition, the Wildcat displays Buick's trademark porthole design is uniquely placed on the top of the hood. Originally displayed in blue and later refinished in gold, this dream car featured expanded front wheel wells with polished metal inner fenders finished off with wide white wall tires. The Wildcat II continues to travel and evade the rumored fate of the 1955 Wildcat III assumed to have been destroyed in a wrecking equipment test.


1954  Motorama


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