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26/07/2010 2106

Briggs & Stratton - Hybrid Electric

Briggs & Stratton has advanced the electric car one step closer to a practical reality with its experimental Hybrid Electric vehicle, powered by both a gas engine and an electric motor.

The sporty family sedan goes the typical electric-inly vehicle one better by mating and 18-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine to the Baldor electric motor, giving the car a performance flexibility beyond of the usual electric car.

On short urban commutes, the electric power is ideal - economic and clean at speeds up to 40 mph. For longer trips where extra power is needed, the hybrid uses both motors to overpower hills or maintain cruising speeds up to 55 mph for nearly 300 miles between gas pumps. If electric power runs low, the gas engine alone can get the driver back home, where he can plug into the battery charger.

The Briggs & Stratton Hybrid Electric features several interesting engineering innovations. A separately suspended battery carrier reduces rolling resistance for improved fuel economy and performance. An off-the-shelf industrial clutch hooks the two powerplants together, ensuring that each motor drives car only when it is needed.

For design purposes, Briggs & Stratton engineers worked with the automotive craftsmen at Brooks Stevens Design Associates to produce a car that holds two adults, two children and the groceries.

source: Briggs & Stratton

Engine & performance:

Type: hybrid gasoline and electric: 2-cylinder air-cooler

Capacity: 694 cc

Power: 18 hp @ 3600 rpm; 8 hp (electric motor)


Length: 4420 mm

Width: 1626 mm

Height: 1270 mm

Wheelbase: 2184 mm; 2845 mm

Weight: 1451 kg


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