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08/07/2010 1340

Vauxhall - Equus

The Vauxhall Equus concept was a glamorous, yet simple two-seater based on the chassis of a Panther Lima (right) – a typically hand-crafted Britishroadster powered by Vauxhall. “That’s the most uncompromised design I’ve ever worked on”, enthused Wayne Cherry. “It’s a pure graphic statement with sharp edges that define taut and tight surfaces”.

The 1978 Equus was the last pure British Vauxhall concept until the 2003 VX Lightnin. Designed in GM’s Coventry-based UK Advance Design facility, it echoes strong design cues from the Equus – like the aluminium louvered slats on the doors. But above all, it stunningly demonstrates GM’s support to make Vauxhall a key part of its global organization.





Wayne Cherry
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