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24/07/2010 2000

Triumph - XL90

This is the Triumph XL90 - a car at least twenty-five years ahead of its time. Today it exists simply as a scaled-down model. Its ideas are so advanced that many of them are still only sketches in the designer's notebook. Or experiments in the earliest stages of laboratory reasearch. But all of them could be - and probably will be - the talking points of Triumph cars at the Motor Show of 1992.

Keynote of Triumph cars - as provided in the 1967 Safari Rally - is the emphasis on safety and reliability; and the XL90 upholds this principle. With such ideas as a "scaled-for-life" engine/transmission unit. Pneumatic controls for suspension and brakes. Hand-grip steering. Ultrasonic screencleaning. Light-sensitive window tinting. And automatic guidance speed control for fog and on motorways.

At Triumph we develop models like the XL90 to give us a perceptive, practical look into the future: to a time when design will have taken great strides, yet when many of today's Triumph cars will still be giving good service. This helps us to forecast realistically the vital long-term trends in motoring...and to put them quickly into practice, well ahead of the rest.

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