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08/07/2010 1266

Rover - Scarab prototype

The Rover Scarab was a convertible four seater intended to sell at £85, and had a V twin engine of only 839 cc, which was rear mounted. Despite the engine position, the Scarab had a conventional (dummy) radiator grill at the front. The other 1930s rear engined cars all had a down-curved grill-less front. These included the Porsche Typ 12 prototype, the Mercedes-Benz 120 test car, and the subsequent 130 / 150 / 170 H, the Tatra V570 prototype, 77, 77A, 87 and 97 and of course the KdF-Wagen (later better known as the Volkswagen Beetle). Only a few Scarabs were built, examples being shown at the London (Olympia) Motor Show and the Scottish Motor Show, both in 1931.

source: Wikipedia






Ercole Spada
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