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MG - Concept 5 / MG5

UK Design Backed for Revenge, MG Concept 5 Made Its Global Debut

MG Brand Advanced into the Future and Continued to Live up to Its Legend

One pioneering design, called UK Design, is MG’s pursuit comes from 87 years of tireless human foresight and exploration of the automobile’s future. This pursuit displays the spirit of MG and its creativity. At the 14th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition of 2011, MG launched the MG Concept 5 as an opening ceremony gift. With a performance by the United Kingdom National Youth Theatre, the global debut of MG Concept 5 turned the MG stand into a British design show which conveyed the core message: the future reflects reality; reality achieves the future of UK Design. MG had been in a period of rapid growth and would introduce numerous new products. Furthermore the brand was starting its battle in overseas markets and would continue to bring better cars to its many fans.

Tradition is honored in the both the continuous salute to, and redefinition of the classics. The courage to explore the fashion trends of the future and to satisfy the contemporary needs of customers is the reason why British design succeeds.

The MG Concept 5 is another masterpiece from the MG brand. It is carefully fashioned by a Chinese and British design team lead by Anthony Williams-Kenny,the global design director of MG, and highlights the essence of the brand as well as the innovative thinking of UK Design. It is made to target the larger medium size car market and can satisfy a new generation’s attention to detail and thirst for high-tech products.  It is truly the birth of a car for the new generation.

The MG Concept 5 is matured, refined and sophisticated; the pioneering design makes a strong and satisfying visual impact. It features a lower roof - highlighting its sporty proportions, the use of flowing lines, a cold metal finish, LED headlamps, as well as invisible handles, all which make it look like a mysterious force from a science fiction world. It’s no wonder people see the car as a glimpse of a future world rather than a traditional 5-door hatchback.

“As an exploration of future design, the MG Concept 5 demonstrates the trends of UK design and it is the source of inspiration for future MG products,” said Anthony Williams-Kenny, “if the VOLT can be released as planned, I’m sure it will inspire people’s passion for MG again.”

MG3 Continues the Legend of the Refined European Car, UK Design Captures the Essence of the Modern Car

If the MG Concept 5 is the epitome of the UK design concept, of future reflecting reality, then the MG3 is best defined as “reality achieving the future.” The MG3 caters to the younger generation’s requirements and lifestyle.

It took SAIC Motor four years and a gathering of global resources to produce the MG3. As the latest product of SAIC Motor, the MG3 exemplifies the essence of the brand. One look and it’s easy to realize the brilliant application of British design. The car’s attributes -its dazzling exterior, refined i-Style inner trim, generous space, efficient and low-carbon emissions, plus being fun and safe with excellent quality- all make the MG3 desirable to younger people. Even famous Asian stars Mark Zhao and May Gui are impressed by the MG3, a car which represents the choicest of British goods and standards of European fashion. The two celebrities appeared on the stand of SAIC Motor with the car and shared their driving experiences with the audience.

Global Strategy Starts Up, MG Firing at Full Force

2010 was the first year of the MG brand in China, and now 2011 is an important time for MG to go forward forcefully. With the MG6, the MG3 and the MG Concept 5, MG begins a period of rapid growth. Meanwhile, the biggest single-brand car club in the world, “MG CLUB”, set up a branch in China and the MG6 will launch in the British market. These are all indications that the international MG brand has returned to the world in a lofty way and a solid global strategy is in effect.



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