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08/01/2018 1951

Jaguar - Pirana

The Bertone Jaguar Pirana was the result of an initiative of the English "Weekend Telegraph", in particular the idea of its brilliant publisher, John Anstey. Anstey believed that the car should be an ideal means of transport for a particular type of client: moneyed, keen on a sporty kind of car but at the same time a lover of comfort. It was therefore fundamental to give the car all the necessary technical features to guarantee its passengers comfort, safety, and a relaxing, pleasurable driving experience. From this perspective the Pirana tends towards elegance and sobriety, without pursuing shock value, and the end result is refined and harmonious, balanced in every detail.As for the general proportions, the biggest design problem was caused by the size of the mechanical components, and in particular the height of the Jaguar 4.2 litre engine block. The interior space reflects a careful study of passenger needs, which lay behind all the technical and design decisions. In this case there were no new technical problems, as the E-Type 2+2 chassis had been accepted as it was, which meant that the designer was free to concentrate his efforts on comfort and a rational use of space with the aim of enhancing driving pleasure. The Pirana represents a brilliant example of a car built around the needs of the commissioning client.

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