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The MIRDC EV3 is a range-extender with a weight- and cost-saving space-frame chassis which could be easily adapted for different sizes and classes of car.

It has come together under the direction of the Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC) on instructions from the country's Department of Industrial Technology and Ministry of Economic Affairs. TARC has drawn together companies involved in the EV supply chain as well as testing centres, scientists and academics.

The MIRDC EV3 on display at the Taiwan EV Show is a 4.5-metre long front-drive car, without exterior body panels, the size of a mid-sized European hatchback. The space-frame chassis weighs only 203kg, helping to keep overall weight down to 930kg, and is said to cut production costs by 30% compared with a conventional monocoque car.

Eight per cent of the frame is made of high-strength steel.

Because the frame is modular in construction and has adjustable side sill beams and slip joints, the size is totally flexible. The car has front strut and rear multi-link suspension.

Power comes from an 80kW electric motor with a 25kW 1.1-litre petrol engine to provide the extended range capability. The removable 15kWh battery pack is housed in a flattened aluminium box. The car is said to be capable of 62 miles on plug-in electric power and more than 300 miles in total. The top speed is 75mph, with 0-62mph taking less than 12.5 seconds.

All the components and engineering have come from Taiwan. There are no plans to put the car into production - "our mission was to promote Taiwan companies and encourage them to upgrade." said a TARC official - but if someone serious came forward with an offer to make a car based upon it, it would be considered.



Engine & performance:

Type: electric, 80 kW

Top speed: 120 km/h

0-100 km/h: 12.5 s

Mileage: 100 km / 500+ km (REEV mode)


Length: 4452 mm

Width: 1440 mm

Height: 1414 mm

Wheelbase: 2606 mm

Weight: 930 kg





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