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Sbarro - (Espera) Intencity

Sbarro Intencity - Futuristic Bubble Car
Franco Sbarro (born in the Italian province of Lecce in 1939) is today one of the best-known and most innovative designers and developers of cars and motor bikes. His "empire" includes not only his ACA design office (Ateliers de Construction Automobile / Design Office for Automobiles) in Neuchâtel in Switzerland (founded in 1968) but also, amongst other facilities, the Espace Sbarro College for Young People (founded in 1992) as well as the ESPERA Works Museum opened in 1995. Every year, Sbarro provides surprises with new ideas.
This year, for example, with the Intencity concept car which was designed and constructed by students at his Espace College. As already suggested by the name, the car should be suitable, above all, for the city. The futuristic bubble car (the driver and the passenger sit one behind the other) is equipped with an electric drive which supplies 136 bhp. The car weighs 980 kg and has a range of 180 km. You get in through a kind of covering hood and Recaro sports seats await you in the interior.


2012  Geneva

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