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07/03/2014 1924

Protoscar - Lampo 3 GT

LAMPO3 could be further developed towards a micro series

“LAMPO Ltd.” ready to spinoff from parent company Protoscar. Ernst & Young to look for the best matching partner.

fter its predecessors LAMPO and LAMPO2, LAMPO3 – the third prototype of electric super sports car developed by Protoscar – is now exposed at the Geneva Motor Show (March 8–18, 2012). During the past 3 years, the LAMPOs have been fine-tuned together with the partner company EVTEC. The electric sport cars have been tested for more than 40.000 km on circuits and streets all over Europe. Since the results are more than promising, LAMPO3 could now be further developed in a micro series.

Compared to the prototype LAMPO3, important further technical developments have been prepared in order to meet the needs of the micro series:

– lighter and stiffer chassis has been designed (optimized for production by ThyssenKrupp System Engineering)

– a new 42 kWh battery pack supplied by Akasol Engineering will be introduced and

– the interior has been designed and is fully visualized by a virtual animation at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.

In collaboration with Ernst & Young, in charge of selecting potential partners to participate in the spinoff of the new company “LAMPO Ltd.”, Protoscar has started to verify the conditions to produce LAMPO3 with some of them. Finally a new “Swiss Made” car could hit the dealership floors, if a matching partner for financing, production, distribution and service of the vehicle will be found.



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