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C,mm,n - 2.0


Natural Elegance

Open, disarming, charming, against the grain. These are all things that spring to mind when you look at the c,mm,n. Its comfortable styling puts you at ease in the car, and that comfort level carries over to your contact with the outside world.

The design takes its inspiration from the world of nature: like a smooth stone in a river, shaped by ages of rushing water.


C,mm,n keeps making it easier and more fun to be in contact with people around you. Because in the end, the most important thing is cooperation and community. The car's expansive windows invite contact. When driving in convoy mode, the car's corner lighting tells other road users how long you'll still be part of the convoy. And the community boxes are cargo spaces that can be opened from inside or outside for carrying space or to receive your online orders.


The car can be flexibly adapted to personal needs and local conditions. So c,mm,n can be with you for a long time. And wherever possible, the c,mm,n parts are designed for refurbishment and re-use, so there is very little waste from the c,mm,n.


Aerodynamics are a very important aspect of the c,mm,n design. Thanks to the rear spoiler, c,mm,n drivers in a convoy can share wind resistance.


The c,mm,n exterior is manufactured from a very light thermoplastic material that not only helps save fuel but offers a much greater freedom of design than traditional car materials like aluminium or steel. At last, the perfect contours of the designer's mind can become a reality.


River Display

The c,mm,n's multifunctional dashboard flows through the car like a river. The 'river display' interface is reminiscent of that of the iPhone, and accesses functions like the route planner, car pool centre and sound system. When driving in convoy mode, you can also check the news or read your e-mail while the c,mm,n takes over the driving, leaving your hands free.


While you're driving, life goes on. You may need some time to think by yourself, or you may need to be in contact with others. You want to enjoy the comfort of convoy driving, or perhaps you want to find the way from point A to point B on your own for a change. These are all mindsets that you may have when you get behind the wheel. And of course, your mindset may change, even while you are driving. When it does, the interior of the c,mm,n changes with you.

You may want to be open to information, or you may want to be sealed off from the world. You might have things to work out individually, or you might prefer to work with other people. The interior of the c,mm,n is designed for information and cooperation, but also gives you the options you need to be productive by yourself.


The interior concept is designed around the requirements of communication and navigation. Rather than trying to get the tools the driver needs out of the way, everything is intelligently arranged around the driver in a number of configurations based on the major mindsets. The navigation tools, near the steering and driving components, create an active driving experience. A block of communication tools is within easy reach for when you want to have contact with the outside world from inside c,mm,n. When driving in convoy mode, the driver's seat turns to face the rear passenger seats and you can lean back for a nap or activate the entertainment tools.


Communication means more than just talking, and c,mm,n is equipped to interact with the environment in non-verbal ways. The driver's seat is closed off on one side but very open on the other. Point the seat forward, and other road users can see your face and that you are open for communication. Turn your back to the windscreen, and you signify that you want to be left alone.

The rear seats can be used in a variety of ways, and they adapt to your sitting position.

Stearing and controls

In 2020, drivers will no longer have to devote their full attention to the road at all times. Various systems will allow the car to take over the driving and respond to driving situations even faster than a human driver.

Because some people really enjoy full driving control, but may also want to use their time in the car for other things, the c,mm,n lets you decide how much driving control you want. When you turn your seat to talk to your passengers or read the paper, the steering wheel tilts away and the c,mm,n takes over the driving.


Because in the future, mobility will comprise more aspects than it does now, the structure of the c,mm,n is very different than the cars familiar to us today. The arrangement of the passenger seats is different and the passengers have more freedom of movement. Certain passenger controls have been eliminated, and others have been moved or function in a completely different way. Cargo space is accessible in a number of different ways.


The materials used in the interior have been selected to be as open, communicative and sustainable as possible. For example, you will find no extraneous pieces of plastic in the c,mm,n. A clever construction of biodegradable plastic and air pillows eliminates the need for a heavy metal seat frame.

The rear seats are constructed from a soy-based memory foam that adapts to the shape of your body, so you can sit anywhere: in groups of two or three, or stretching out and relaxing on your own.

The upholstery is crafted from spacer fabric, a lightweight, refreshing material that feels cool even when the car is in direct sunlight. This fabric is manufactured from a single fibre type, making it easy to recycle.

Floor plate

floor plate/suspension

Material, structure, architecture and design of a car are dictated by the car's power source (hydrogen, battery packs or electric charging stations) and the planned use (city or highway). This is why c,mm,n sees the new floor plate as a platform on which users and designers can build their own structures and interiors. Especially since the floor plate can take over a significant portion of the suspension.


C,mm,n features a new, specially designed suspension that keeps the car horizontal when cornering, and uses virtually no energy to do so. The secret is a simple, adjustable arm. Thanks to its compact size, the front of the car can be kept minimal and sleek, which not only looks good but reduces fuel consumption.


A significant factor in driving safety is tyre-road contact. The active shock system keeps the tyre flat on the road even on uneven road surfaces. This 'sticking power' can truly be the difference between life and death in unexpected situations: if forced to swerve suddenly, the driver retains better control.

tyre ware

When you make a turn or drive over an uneven surface, the wheel suspension springs back in response. As a result, you put a momentary extra load on the side of your tyre. At least, that's what happens with passive suspension. But the c,mm,n active suspension keeps the c,mm,n perfectly flat against the running surface of the tyres and prevents accelerated tyre wear. This means your tyres need replacement less frequently - another way the c,mm,n helps to reduce waste.


C,mm,n presents the fully electric powertrain. Batteries for electric cars have changed a lot in recent years. Driving on electricity has become a lot more interesting now that batteries allow travel over longer distances. This was illustrated during AutoRAI using a number of different batteries. Nonetheless, the action radius of a fully electric car remains insufficient for very long distances.

This can be compensated for with the high-efficiency diesel engine ('range extender').

With the engineering booth, c,mm,n lets you design your own car, and compute the impact of your individual design choices on fuel consumption, comfort and safety.

Intelligent systems

driving simulator

The c,mm,n driving simulator allows anyone to experience what mobility will be like in the future. You can experience new technologies and see mobility solutions for the future right now. Solutions that increase the efficiency of the traffic system, like information on potential alternative means of transport and dynamic per-km tolls and carpooling support. The value of the car as a status symbol is changing. The importance of size and speed will gradually give way to the intelligence and efficiency of the car. The simulator also demonstrates that the car will become more and more sustainable, thanks to new technologies that will minimise the external impact of driving a car, support carpooling and make driving easier on the driver. By showcasing these new technologies, the drivers of the future can get an idea of what driving will be like in years to come.

Visitors to the AutoRAI were encouraged to give feedback on driving in the future, and of course all ideas for new applications within the car are more than welcome. With this method, everyone can contribute to the future of driving.


C,mm,n makes tomorrow's driving easy. The driver receives detailed information about the energy flows in the car and tips on how to drive more efficiently. More information does not always mean better information. C,mm,n tells you what you need to know, and you can always ask for more.

Information exchange in transit is essential for increased safety and better utilisation of the capacity of the road network. This means more than just the familiar odometer. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are the driver's high-tech eyes and ears. When these are combined with global positioning systems and mobile communications technologies, the prospects become really exciting.


Everything that ADAS picks up around it is converted into vast quantities of information, which only become useable for the driver with the help of Karma. Karma (the KAR Mobile Assistant) is an electronic interface designed to give you the feel of an assistant right there in the car with you. Karma adjusts its voice and facial expression to inform the driver of the driving safety situation in real time. Underneath the attractive and effective design is an intelligent behavioural system that communicates with you in a natural and instinctive way. Your intuitive reaction is often faster (making it safer) than a response that takes time to think through.


When a car 'knows' so much about itself and the environment thanks to its high-tech systems, it's important to be able to access that information. When c,mm,n is communicating with the environment and with other vehicles, other cars can inform you and your car about changing road conditions and alternative routes.


When you need to focus on things other than driving, the car can make decisions on its own. Like when you join a group of other cars in convoy mode, the car and the other vehicles around you can decide what the optimal distance between you and the next car is.

In emergency situations, you can seize control instantly; after all, nothing trumps the decision-making capacity of a human being. But ADAS and Karma may be able to avoid accidents because their reaction time is faster than any human's.

SOURCE: C,mm,n


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