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24/01/2011 1049

Proton - 2ND GT


  • To spark creative, GOING GREEN concept and ideas in line with the company's initiatives.
  • To come up with an environmentally-frriendly race car with traditional features.
  • Promoting the use of environmentally-friendly NVG fuel.


  • A used Waja modified and designed based on the shape of the F1 (aerodynamic and futuristic).
  • A user-friendly and ergonomic car inspired from the shape of the traditional "wau bulan" kite.
  • Cost-saving with the use of green NVG technology.
  • Aspire to become a trend setter to other cars to use the NVG system which has been proven to be effective and practical.
  • Usage of used, scrap and recycled materials such as plywood an corrugated sheet.


2010  Kuala Lumpur
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