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02/09/2010 2066

Perodua - Kelisa Rapid

The success of the Kancil to date can be attributed not only to the average buyers but also a growing number of customers who buy with a view to modify. Some of these customers have mentioned that they did not favour the Kelisa because of the limited availability of modification parts/accessories to suit their personal taste.
The Limited and Special Edition models of the Kelisa have contributed towards enhancing its image. Now, we have gone one step further by creating a racing-inspired version to generate interest and excitement for this segment of the market and demonstrate the potential for sporting/racing modification of the Kelisa, and to project it as a tough, macho and fast vehicle.

The racing-inspired Kelisa on display incorporates actual components that will enable it to give other cars in its c.c. class a run for their money on the tracks.


2003  Kuala Lumpur

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