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08/07/2010 1013

SsangYong - XMT

Original name: 쌍용 자동차XMT

From SsangYong's press release:

"XMT" The Revolutionary Automobile That Catches Attention

"XMT" means 'eXteme & Multi-purpose vehicle for Trailblazer' that comprises the characteristics of 'style, versatility, sports and no limit'. The designed is based on metropolitan needs and Bohemian freedom. XMT is a Compact SUT (Sports Utility Truck) designed to meet the needs of those who pursue city life with style.

"XMT" breaks from the former conventional design of SUT and inherits the merits of a SUV to maximize economic efficiency and safety. The new design is based on elements of a sedan and SUV that gives unique styling.

To give it a modern feel and unique style, the concept of the design is based on the idea of 'Metro Attraction'. The compact and agile lamp line, the silhouette of the body give the imagination of the dynamic design from a coupe.

The characteristic line and belt line that connects from the front fender to rear is designed to give slim and powerful look. Nudge bar and side locker panel adds style to the design of "XMT".

D-pillar and deck cover that harmonizes with the roof line is well conformed with a taste of a convertible. This revolutionary design differentiates itself from original SUTs and the spacious rear deck increases loading capacity.

The rear window glass placed below the rear spoiler provides headroom for rear seats and wide field of vision. The three horizontal lines in the rear deck give sporty looks and identity of a SUT.

The interior designed for practicality, provides driver oriented features and functionalities. Sporty-looking seats can be controlled easily to gain more space with various settings.



2005  Seoul



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