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08/07/2010 1054

SsangYong - XCT

Original name: 쌍용 자동차XCT

From SsangYong's press release:

"XCT" : Endless Pursuit of The Ideal

One of current trends in the automobile industry is definitely leaning towards 'Cross-Over'. The characteristics and its merits from one category can no longer satisfy various costumer needs.

The main concept of cross-over is practicality with luxurious options, compact design with spacious interior, safe body and sophisticated design. Throughout world's famous car shows, many concept models are being presented in fashion. Moreover, many cross-over cars are already produced and liked by customers on a mass-production level.

"XCT" is SsangYong's ambitious SUC (Sports Utility Coupe) concept model designed to lead the trend of cross-over fashion. "XCT", born with integrating the design of Coupe with SUV styling, is a model that comprehends the characteristics of 'power, youth, challenge and style' which has intrinsic meaning of 'neXt City Trend Setter.'

The wild front image that resembles a shark delivers a symbolic meaning of 'power and challenge'. The wide radiator grill reveals the figuration of shark's mouth in a hunting situation and the sharply designed headlamps represent the image of shark's eyes to encapsulate the design in a harmonious way. In addition, the hood which begins at A-pillar and is extended to the front bumper, creates new and dynamic design.

The side view also figures the speedy and smooth image of a shark. The wide wheel arch figuration simulates shark's fin.

The smooth line that starts from the front bumper passes through 'A-pillar' and extends to 'D-pillar' to formulate the overall bodyline and completes itself at the border of rear bumper. The rear lamp is designed by 'D-pillar' using its vertical image and the exhaust pipes designed in the shape of airplane's turbo-engine expresses its wild instincts.

The interior strongly reflects the cross-over feel of SUV and sports coupe as well. Driver Oriented designs are formulated for the driver's convenience and controllability. The rectilinear design enhances the dynamic image and all of its functions designed in circular shape deliver convenience and adds unique styling.



2005  Seoul



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