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30/09/2012 956

SsangYong - SV-R

Original name:쌍용 자동차SV-R



From SsangYong's press release:

"SV-R": Sophisticated Ways of Expressing Confidence

"SV-R" compresses SsangYong's technology with its sophisticated modern styling. It is the model that contains unique concept of design philosophy of SsangYong.

The concept of the design is defined by 'Sophisticated Vehicle On Road' and 'Sophistication, City and Luxuriousness' which is inhered within the characteristics of this model. Ultimately, the roots lie within 'CARMERUN': the term that defines 'Car', 'Me' and 'Run' which expresses the unity and conformity of these characteristics.

First impression of this model binds masculinity and smooth lines harmonized in biomorphic interactions.

The impressive front design of SV-R's headlamp and radiator grill is certainly modernistic, and the integral front bumper maximizes the impact of its masculine design. The rear view extends the masculine design followed by the front and the rear headlamp completes the design in a mystical shape. The rear lamp glows with a delicate shade that creates a fantastic mood glows with a delicate shade that creates a fantastic mood.

"SV-R" adapts its interior design concept to its exterior look: it bravely breaks the preconception of the previous design methods.

The interior is designed to show dynamic feel by combining rectilinear and curvilinear lines. All of the control switches are designed with circular buttons which can be easily controlled and mastered by the driver. The connection of the instrument panel and center console are shaped in a way so that it can be easily accessed by the driver. The ergonomically designed cockpit integrates all of the functions in one spot.



2005  Seoul



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