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25/05/2011 965

SsangYong - KEV2

Presenting the vision of the future electric car of Ssangyong Motor, the KEV2 is Ssangyong Motor’s second SUV EV, following the Korando C EV launched at the 2010 Busan Motor Show. It is pure electric car concept model based on the Korando C, and it is an attempt to present the stereotype of small SUV electric cars by combining Ssangyong Motor’s design DNA, specialized in SUVs and the future-oriented identity of electric SUVs.

The KEV2 completed its simple but strong image through a combination of abundant volume and a strictly streamlined tense style line. While added with a masculine body design, such as a robust and dynamic bumper, an agile and three-dimensional structure lamp design onto unique detailed design features, it presents the robust design direction pursued by Ssangyong Motor.

The design concept of the KEV2 is to present a new type of electric vehicle that highlights functionality and special focus on the younger generation of consumers where an active and urban lifestyle are the norm. The car presents an overall sporty feeling with youthful exuberance and energy reflected in the overall styling and function.

 The front side of the KEV2 is a lighting structure in application of Ssangyong Motor’s 3 Circle emblem, in which the image of Hi-tech EV and the symbol of Ssangyong Motor are overlapped to emphasize the future orientation of Ssangyong Motor’s design. The side has an electric sense added to the design of the Korando C, which has been praised for its well balanced design.

The interior of the KEV2 enables mobile devices to convert the control and operation of the functions of the car. It also presents the concept of an extended living-space and provides for interactivity with smart devices, which forms an important part of the modern lifestyle.

As for the Exterior Color, a pure white pearl color was used for the overall base color, conforming to the feelings of pure EV, and the skid plate of a black color applied as a point of design expresses a sharp and aggressive image through the contrast with the body of the Pure White Pearl, pursuing the specialty of Ssangyong Motor.

The Interior Color is linked with the exterior color to complete overall balance and also delivers the eco-friendly image of an electric car.

The battery attached close to the lower part of the trunk space provides efficient interior spaces and therefore makes users feel a sense of usability and comfort.

Specifications: Length 4,410mm / Width 1,860mm / Height 1,690mm / Wheel base 2,650mm /

Wheels & Tires 255 50R19

SOURCE: SsangYong. Please mention if you use this text.


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