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15/01/2014 1337

Kia - KCV-I (KACV)

Original name: 기아자동차KCV-1 (KACV)




- A concept car of fusion style designed based on the Carens MPV to respond to ever-evolving customer needs and market demands - A multi-purpose vehicle combining a sedan, wagon and MPV. featuring maximized space utilization and easy driving - Creates a highly dignified image by harmonizing a refined aerodynamic style with high performance and advanced technologies, in addition to application of a suspension that makes car height adjustment possible - Gives a high-class image by introducing a built-in aluminum muffler and focuses on communication between the driver and nature as well as the interior and exterior by applying a large windshield


- A pop-up display helps you comfortably enjoy a wide variety of digital images by projecting them on a glass plate - Rear view cameras installed on both sides of the vehicle provide the driver with blind-corner information - Cameras and sensors installed under the radiator give the driver information about what is happening in front of the vehicle - Application of up-to-date equipment including an air window brush that blows off rain drops by emitting high-pressure air from multiple nozzles installed at the end of the bonnet


- Size: 4.720 x 1,850 x 1,580 mm - Engine: 2,000cc diesel - Wheelbase: 2.850 mm - Tire: 255/50R 19


Seats in the first and second rows can be folded or detached and a sliding rail has applied from the first row to the second row.

source: Kia

Engine & performance:

Type: diesel
Capacity: 2000 cc


Length: 4720 mm
Width: 1850 mm
Height: 1580 mm
Wheelbase: 2850 mm


2001  Frankfurt



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