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04/10/2010 1204

Hyundai - HCD-III (Gila)

Original name: 현대HCD-III (Gila)

This four-seater for sports and leisure features four-wheel drive and a 2000cc 16-valve DOHC turbo engine which delivers an impressive 240 hp. It boasts excellent performance on rough roads, and handles like a dream on paved roads. The HCD-III is also equipped with various advanced devices: the computer-controlled 'Navitac' on the dashboard instantly indicates destination on the map with the push of a button, and the stereo, CD player, heater, and air conditioner can all be automatically adjusted and set.

Engine & performance:

Position: front
Type: 4-cylinder, DOHC, 16-valve
Capacity: 2-liter
Power: 243 hp @ 6100 rpm


Length: 4122 mm
Width: 1875 mm
Wheelbase: 2500 mm
Track: 1580 mm


1995  Detroit

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