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24/01/2011 1658

Hyundai - HCD-5 Crosstour

Hyundai's Newest Concept Vehicle is a High-Tech Triple Utility Sedan

CHICAGO, Feb. 10 -- Hyundai today unveiled its latest concept vehicle, the HCD 5 Crosstour.  This sporty-looking, yet practical four-door multipurpose sedan is designed for triple utility -- handling work, family and recreation needs for the entire family.

We designed the Crosstour to serve the entire family," explained Jay Back, Chief Designer at the Hyundai America Technical Center in Fountain Valley, Calif.  "When the vehicle is parked, the front of the cabin becomes a mobile office.  The center section of the cabin is designed for family comfort and the rear section is much like an SUV, providing storage space for all the gear and equipment an active lifestyle requires."

The exterior styling of the Crosstour reflects its utility and sportiness. It is a cab dominant design that provides the driver and passengers with the feel of a comfortable sedan.  It has a retro-look split-center hood design and a "fast" windshield for a sporty look.  The Crosstour sits on specially designed 18-inch alloy wheels fitted with 255/55-R18 tires.

The front end is a bold, strong design statement.  While it is sporty-looking, the Crosstour features a high seating position offering the driver excellent visibility, SUV-like ride height and a spacious cargo area.  Viewed from the side, there is a handsome arc design that is also carried into the luxurious interior.

Adding to the unique look of the Crosstour is the door design and opening. The front doors are hinged at the front and the rear doors are hinged at the rear.  There is no B-pillar.  As a result, with the doors open, there is excellent access for entry and exit.  The Crosstour also features slim A and C pillars for increased visibility.

Other exterior details include neon turn signals that are compact, yet easy for other drivers to see and clear lenses with colored bulbs for the rear lights.

Inside the cabin, the front portion of the Crosstour is fully instrumented and features a flat screen television screen that pops out of the dashboard. When the vehicle is parked it can be used as a mobile office.  Full Internet access is available along with computer power and hook up.

Built into the front doors is a matched set of leather briefcases that complement the luxurious leather seating surfaces.  The front television screen can be used for navigation purposes when the Crosstour is on the road.

The center section of the cabin is designed for the family, with comfortable leather seating and a complete entertainment center for the kids. The television screen in this section is separate from the front-mounted unit and can used with its DVD, CD, or VHS player to provide audio and visual entertainment for the entire family.

In the rear of the cabin, the Crosstour provides a large, flat floor.  The rear seats can be folded down into a flat cargo area.  The backs of the seats are built of the same material as the floor itself and special brackets are built into the seat backs to hold bicycles.  With the front wheel removed and clipped to the rear wheel, the front forks can be bolted into the brackets for smooth, quiet transport.

The unique rear hatch is not hinged; the design allows the rear glass to retract into the roof for easy access.  Built into the rear tailgate is seating for two that will make tailgate parties even more comfortable.

From its futuristic design to its ultimate practicality, the new Hyundai Crosstour gives auto show visitors a glimpse of the automotive future.

Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co. of Korea.  Hyundai automobiles are distributed throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are sold and serviced through nearly 500 dealerships nationwide.

source: Hyundai

Multi-purpose Sedan (combination SUV, sports car, station wagon and minivan) The HCD-5 was developed by the Hyundai California Design Studio as a 4-seat multi-purpose sedan with an emphasis on station wagon and SUV functions.

Powered by a 2.7-liter V6 engine, this crossover car combines the advantages of an SUV and a sedan, and exudes both a retro and sporty feel.

There is no B pillar, so the doors open wide to the left and right for easy entry and egress.

The A and C pillars are also made as slender as possible so that the driver's view is left unobstructed.

The interior is divided into three spaces. The driver's space features mobile office functions with online access.

The back seat is fashioned for ease and comfort, while the roomy rear space is for carrying leisure items.

source: Hyundai

Engine & performance:

Position: front

Type: V6 DOHC


Length: 4600 mm

Width: 1500 mm

Height: 1580 mm

Wheelbase: 2780 mm


2000  Chicago

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